Government Scorecard – C3 Children Protected and Nurtured

Welcome to the third in this series of government scorecards. In this report we look at the performance of the government over the last nine years in providing protection and nurturing for our children.

Based on the analysis presented here, it does appear that many children have not been given the support they have needed to thrive.  Structural and embedded challenges are forcing increased numbers of children into poverty, protection, self-harm, and suicide.  The evidence also shows deteriorating rates of mental health and happiness.

The picture is worse still if you are an Indigenous child, with the extent of harm being imposed upon them multiplied disproportionately.

It must be acknowledged that many lives have been saved due to improvements in infant mortality and child injury prevention. However, there are many whose lives have become worse over the last nine years, so much so that they were compelled to commit suicide. This is a national disgrace.

On this basis, I must declare children in general losers from the last nine  years of a Coalition government.  I would also add the NFP and charities that support them to the list of losers, for they are valiantly striving to increase services to address the challenges, with very little government support.

Unfortunately these results show that the Coalition has neglected the children the same way as it has the environment.  And yet, as John F. Kennedy says, children are the most valuable resource.

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. ~ John F. Kennedy


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