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Finding the Balance

In a world of competing priorities, we help you make informed and conscious choices about the balance that is right for you.

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Welcome to The 3rd Edge

The 3rd Edge is the name given to the rim of a coin. The two sides of the coin represent the competing and conflicting priorities we face every day. The 3rd Edge is the point of balance between the two. Some examples of competing priorities we face in our businesses and in our lives include:

At The 3rd Edge we exist to help you turn challenges into opportunities. We are here to help you find the right balance between these dichotomies and make informed and conscious choices about where you invest your precious resources – your time, energy and money – for maximum impact.

The concept of The 3rd Edge is not new. The concept is found consistently through philosophy including:

  • Buddhism: Known as ‘the middle way’ or ‘the third truth.’ It is the calm and steady state that encompasses the existence of opposites.
  • Aristotle: Called it ‘the golden mean’ stating that in his view a virtuous person aims for a mean between extremes.
  • Jung: Stated that the existence of paradox is one of humans greatest possessions, and is a witness to the truth.

The 3rd-Edge is not about compromise. It is a process of acknowledging, confronting and making conscious choices about the balance that is right for you. It is facing the reality of the opposites we are struggling with now, and gaining clarity for our future direction.

Our mission at The 3rd Edge is a question – How can we turn challenges into opportunities?

We can help you do this by appreciating what is already great, asking questions and bringing a different perspective to your problems – we help you look at the other side of the coin.

Our Activities


Turning challenges into opportunities
We understand that you are being pulled in opposite directions. We understand you might be feeling stuck. We can help you find your 3rd-Edge and move forward with confidence and success.


Words have power
We team with outstanding authors to explore how to deal consciously with dichotomies in business and life.


Inspiring hearts and minds
Through our network of excellent educators and facilitators, we can help you and your teams build a suite of mental models that can help them deal with a world of competing priorities and challenges.

If you would like to get in touch, send us an email at contact@3rd-edge.com.

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