Public Sector Leadership – An Oxymoron?

If you read the previous article on the Public Trustee of Queensland, you would have seen that most staff in the agency did not believe they had high-quality leadership. One would like to think that this situation is atypical in the public service, and the catastrophic results that befell their customers are rare. I am... Continue Reading →

Public Sector Shame…and the statistics that show who could be next

The cruel treatment that the Public Trustee of Queensland has delivered to its customers has been too long in hiding. Thanks to the ABC Four Corners team, there is now a public appreciation of the hurt it has caused to the most vulnerable in our society. What is most alarming is the statement made by... Continue Reading →

The One Essential Question

I suspect today, like every day, you have so much to do.  You have policies to develop, processes to implement, staff to induct, and performance appraisals to conduct. You have risks to manage and legislation to comply with.  You have money to spend and money to save.  You are being pushed to provide answers and... Continue Reading →

What COP26 Is Really All About

As representatives from nations worldwide gather in Glasgow to discuss the next decade, we are led to believe that the purpose is to tackle climate change.  We are told that our leaders are meeting to secure commitments to net zero-emission targets and methane reduction and that they are their showcase the climate action plans to... Continue Reading →

My Wish For All Politicians

My heart goes out to all politicians, especially those in power.  Between Covid-19, climate crisis, and community deterioration, they have some incredibly important yet tough decisions to make. They must also feel like they are in a tenuous position.  Suppose they commit to making unpopular (and yet necessary) changes. In that case, they risk losing... Continue Reading →

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