Government Scorecard – C4 Care for the Elderly

Over the term of the Coalition government, there has been a slight increase in societal participation, and most recent data shows steady performance in pressure injuries and weight loss.  However, for all other indicators, there is either no data available or decreased performance during the reporting period. Read the full scorecard here scorecard-c4-elderlyDownload

The Pandemic in the Public Sector

Every business has suffered from Covid-19. Organisations large and small have struggled with increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and disruption to customer services. Survey results show another pandemic rife in the Queensland Public Sector, and this one will take even longer than Covid to eradicate. It is the scourge of apathy. You may think that the... Continue Reading →

My Wish For All Politicians

My heart goes out to all politicians, especially those in power.  Between Covid-19, climate crisis, and community deterioration, they have some incredibly important yet tough decisions to make. They must also feel like they are in a tenuous position.  Suppose they commit to making unpopular (and yet necessary) changes. In that case, they risk losing... Continue Reading →

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